Monday, November 2, 2009

Vice Halloween Party

The Party: Vice Magazine's 15th Anniversary Halloween Party
Location: N10th & Berry in Williamsburg
Total Party Count: 44

In my pre-party-a-day life, I would probably have stayed home on Halloween-- too much pressure to have fun, too hard to get a taxi home. But thats the old Shirley! The new me has no choice but to party on Halloween, and I figured if I'm gonna do it, I'm going to make sure I am as miserable as possible! Hello Vice Magazine 15th Anniversary Halloween spectacular!

The night started out very very bad cause I waited on line FOR AN HOUR (i usually won't even wait 5 minutes). Thats with a wristband and everything. I tried to VIP my way in but it was useless, I saw actual VIPs giving up. Fortunately I was able to cut the line (thanks alex) and save myself 15 minutes, so I felt like less of a loser even though i was still a loser. Its kind of like when you go to the Barneys Warehouse Sale and buy a sweater for $104 instead of the original $1,395, but then you realize you probably still paid too much (true story). The only difference between the party and my sweater is that my sweater is awesome (cashmere!).

"No, I know the guy who works with the guy who is running the party, you don't understand!"

this is a time-elapsed photo (we held this pose for 60 minutes)

We finally got in and then i was like wait wtf this is just a regular stupid party. According to the NY Post the party cost $250,000, but there were no lavish floral arrangements, no filet mignon, no magnificent centerpieces to be found. Giant Lies!!!!!!

I dressed up for halloween as a 99 cent store that is having a bad time at the vice party

then i saw mark & cathy & stewart and I was a happy dolla sto!

vice party

I looked at my watch and I couldn't believe I had only been there for 15 minutes, it felt like an eternity!!!!!! When I realized I had actually been there for an over an hour due to the "turn back the clocks" thing, I felt I had done my due diligence and I was eager to move on to something else. TO BE CONTINUED.

(ps-- i have other parties from before this to post about but i figured id do this now for the sake of holiday timeliness)
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  1. I want to meet the people who take the "don'ts"

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