Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guggenheim Green Room Party (+louis's bday)

Party #48: Tanlines Green Room Party @ The Guggenheim Museum
Party #49: Louis Abelman's B-day Party @ M. Shanghai

I decided to go to the Tanlines / Yeasayer show at the Guggenheim, not to party, just for regular life. One catch- tickets were $45. Who pays $45 for a show? This is Tanlines, not Michael Jackson! (Just kidding-  I know Michael Jackson is dead!). Unsurprisingly I couldn't get on a guest list 3 hours before the show, but according to Eric Emm, if you said the code word "twitter" its would only be $25. As I was prepping  to have the ticket seller laugh in my face and send me back downtown, wuddyaknow.....


Well I was glad I splurged because not only did I get to go to the show, but I got to partake in a Guggenheim Tanlines Green Room Party. BOO YEAH! Theres something about eating a free cookie in the basement of a museum that really makes you feel like you've made it in this world!


Hey guys, what should we call our new band???

 This is what its like to party in 3-D!!!!

Afterwards we decided to head over to Louis Abelman's 30th Bday Party in the basement of M. Shanghai, a chinese restaurant in williamsburg. I remember hearing a few years ago about parties there and they sounded really trendy & intimidating, but now it seems pretty dumb to be scared of the downstairs of a dumpling house.

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