Monday, November 23, 2009

"The 18th" Monthly Dinner Party

The Party: Anne Apparu's "The 18th" Monthly Dinner Party
Location: Makeshift restaurant in an artist's studio (551 West 21st)
Total Party Count: 67

Party #2/2 of the night was innocuously pitched as a "dinner party downtown" but I think my evening's party guide Andrew was being modest. The artist & chef  Anne Apparu hosts a large monthly dinner party called "The 18th Restaurant" on the 18th of every month, always in a different location. At first I thought "The 18th Restaurant" was an actual restaurant, kind of like when I thought the New York Public Library was a hot spot for intellectual socializing, especially with certain band members of Brian Jonestown Massacre, when really everyone was just getting wasted at The Library bar every night.

The delicious dinner was held in an artists studio, a really big beautiful one, probably Norman Rockwell's. We made new friends that we can motorcycle cross country with and I saw Nick Gray again of Nick Gray's Culturally Significant Parties! There were probably some other people there who are more culturally significant than Nick, but if they don't invite me to their parties, they're not getting blogged about.

 Preparing the Dinner (actually I missed that photo op- now they are just washing dishes, sowwy!)

Andrew & Nick picking the location of next month's dinner

Right after the Spinach Quiche, just before Nicole Kidman walked in naked.

Aliya decided to have her wedding shower in the corner (I am expecting a thank you card for the 2 pieces of potato)

Me, Nick Gray & Emmy with Norman Rockwell's latest works in progress.

Andrew & the boss lady, Anne Apparu!
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