Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Super Mario Bros. for Wii Party

The Party: Super Mario Bros. for Wii Launch Party
Location: Nintendo World Store (in Rockefeller Center)
Total Party Count: 61

Guess what everybody!!! Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Wii came out today!! I don't have a television or Wii anymore (the repo man took it away) so it doesn't really matter, but isn't it kind of wack that it took this long for Wii to come out with a Super Mario game? I wanted to buy normal Mario a while ago but the only games that existed were "Mario Kart" "Mario Party 8" and "Mario Super Spluggers." I went with "Mario Party 8" and that was a bad party. Here's me at a better party....

I think we make a cute couple

Our bratty kids

I won this tourny

My other children from a previous marriage (with Yoshi)

I had this bubble bath. My mom is the coolest!!!!!!

 I made Avi be in this photo once he was done coding his website, even though he really couldn't care less about mario brothers.
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