Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kevin Kearney's Bday Party

The Party: Kevin Kearney's Birthday Party
Location: Upstairs at Aces and Eights (in the East Village)
Total Party Count: 69

Hey guess what- Kevin Kearney had a birthday party!  I don't really know him so I might not know what I'm talking about, but he seemed a little bummed out about turning another year older (or maybe he can always be found sulking by the bar). If I were him I would cheer up because he had some pretty cool people at his party. All the VIPs of the internet were there, like the founder of Four Sqaure and a lot of Gawker folks. Chin up Kevs, you're doing alright!

Me & Birthday Boy Kev. At first he didn't want to be on my internet but then decided that I seemed normal enough, though he'll probably change his mind after this.

Lockhart Steele of Gawker Media / Curbed. He is much nicer than you'd expect for a guy with a name like that.

Practicing douchey party poses. Thanks for indulging me Lawrence!

Me & Nick Gray. We've partied together 3 times now so we've obviously grown very close.
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