Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monday Night Vinyl Club Party

The Party: Monday Night Vinyl Club: Slumberland Records Edition 
Location: The Bell House (in Gowanus)
Total Party Count: 55

Oh, Bell House, are you really going to make me go all the way to Gowanus? Listen, I'm not ignorantly hating on the neighborhood. I'm basing this on experience. Yes, believe it or not, I used to live closeby, and for nearly 2 years I tricked myself into believing that South-West Park Slope was totally awesome, even though I lived between Carlos's Auto Body Shop and a fly-infested supermarket (Carlos is nice! Groceries so close!).  Taking the train home at night took forever, and I'd keep my thumb not too far away from my can of pepper spray (Commuting is relaxing! Weaponry is fun!).

Well on Monday I unpacked my arsenal of weird and distant memories as I made my way to The Bell House for The Vinyl Club Party #13 featuring my dearest pals guest DJing, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. According to facebook, dozens of my friends were to be in attendance but I think they all  RSVP'd in haste before really comprehending what it means to go to Gowanus on a Monday night. Unlike me, they don't have party quotas to fill.

 Pegs, Kevs, Alex and Cassie


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  1. Thanks soldier for making the trip. Going out on Monday really polishes my outlook for the week!

    -Naomi, from Vinyl Club

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