Monday, November 23, 2009

Private Social Club Squash Party

The Party: Post-Squash Championship Party
Location: A Private Members Only Uptown Social Club
Total Party Count : 66

My party guide for the night was Andrew, who I met at the Pump Up The Jamz Party and again the night prior at The MOMA Tim Burton Party (though he insists we met a year ago). He is the kind of guy who knows which celebs live near you (apparently Sofia Coppola and a few old models), how many square feet their apartments are, and what material their cabinetry is made of (total crap!). Straight out of a scene from  American Psycho Metropolitan, Andrew took me to a Squash Championship Game After-Party at "a Private Members Only Uptown Social Club." (I'm not allowed to say the name!) He signed for some drinks and we chatted with  an old man with a really cool tie  from 1988 that his wife didn't like. Amazing.

The Squash Table

Put it on my tab

With a little bit of bloomin' luck!
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