Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Israeli Loft Party

The Party: Israeli Loft Party
Location: Amir & Friend's Apartment (in Midtown)
Total Party Count: 60

I met a man named Amir at yesterday's Jewish party, and within 27 seconds I was invited to his party at his loft for the following night, but I was warned "don't bring no guys, only girls." He pointed to Carlen, but  I couldn't drag poor Carlen to another party after what I made her suffer through that night, and all my other single female Jewish friends have sought refuge in a foreign country. This party was a solo adventure and I spent most of my time talking to a broken-hearted diamond dealer and amusing the other Israelis with my American-accented half-speed biblical-era Hebrew.

Party host Amir. Ma Shlomcha?


 My nice friends from the bathroom line!

I don't know who this man is but I found him in my camera. Shalom!
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  1. Burn in hell hipster scum, seriously did they take one of you types and clone them? then decide everything has to revolve around irony, dull colors, and twenty years too late fashion...