Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Parties Part II

Party #45: Someone Nice's Halloween House Party in Williamsburg
Party #46: Cathy & Co's Halloween House Party in Greenpoint

This is Part Two of my Halloween party adventure. Just to recap, the earlier part of the evening was spent waiting outside, in the rain, for an hour, to get into the vice party, which wasn't even good. But with daylight savings time I was afforded another hour of partying, a second chance at life, and i wasn't going to waste it there. NEXT!

Pavla told me about a house party going on just a block away, so I met up with my pal  and NY Times Arts Writer Melena Ryzik outside, who brought her girls, who by that point were going to be attending a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's party.  It was better than the vice party cause you could like, eat fancy cookies and play with a dog and not have beer raining on you or have to listen to bands who maybe were once good depending on who you ask but now really suck. Call me old fashioned!

Due to my dwindling energy level I probably should have called it a night by 3am (4 without the time change), but we headed to Cathy / Balla / Zach / Stewart's party in Greenpoint, and when I got there I realized this dolla sto' needed some sleep, cuz I was no fun at all! My time at this otherwise awesome party was split between sitting on a couch, and calling Northside car service, who kept me on hold for 16 minutes, which was when my blackberry got down to one little red bar and i had to give up.Well, I got home in the end, whatevs!

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  1. Next time call MetroLine, much more superior to Northside. Dollar Store.

  2. MC Steinberg works in the dollar store.

  3. I always was interested in this subject and stock still am, thanks for posting.