Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ruthie & Forrest's Engagement Party

The Party: Ruthie  & Forrest's Engagement Party
Location: Museum of the City of New York (Upper East Side)
Total party Count: 70

The other night I had a unexpected reunion with an old bunkmate due to having gone to  Party #50 Marathon Afterparty where I met Danny Chen who invited me to  Party #56 Office Warming Party where I made friends with Avi Flombaum who invited me to Party #70 - this very engagement party which he was DJing, when there she was, Ariel Goldwyn, my long-lost favorite camper from Camp Seneca 1996, with whom I shared a summer filled with blue nail polish, Aussie hairspray, Tradition noodle soups, and perverted puberty topics like tampon coaching and who bled all over their bed.  I hadn't seen her in 12 years since our respective yeshivahs held a joint "oh-my-god-i-love-god-so-much-he's-so-amazing-let's-sing-and-dance-and-pray" retreat in 9th grade, which included a lecture about "why the girl in this photo looks slutty and what you can do to avoid it." Fortunately Ariel avoided being brainwashed and she is still the same awesome girl, and a giant slut (her dress was above her knees).

Me & Ariel, 2gether again!

She married the super-dreamy Jared Harary from my HS. He didn't know I existed (I thought he did but he told me he didn't at the party)

Amazing rat tail with Jared decoy.

Avi says its easy to make Jews dance, but he could have made non-Jews dance too.

Can I make a request? Do you have something else?

Avi's Posse

Forrest is marrying one of these two fine young ladies. What a lovely couple!
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  1. So much has changed, rat tail surely gone...but I still crack up from this.