Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tim Burton MOMA Party

The Party: Tim Burton Tribute After-Party
Location: Museum of Modern Art
Total Party Count: 63

The other night The Museum of Modern Art held a presentation & dinner entitled "MOMA Art Film Benefit: A Tribute to Tim Burton." Tickets were $2,500 which seemed like a good deal for some chicken or lamb or whatever but I skipped that part because my co-worker brought in Entenmann's Pop'ems. Instead Cassie and I opted for the After-Party, DJed by DFA's Justin Miller.

The party was cool but became infinitely more awesome when, whilst some Frenchies were flirting with us (but mainly with Cassie), there she was, just a few feet away from me, AUNTIE ELAINE! Yes, my crazy amazing partying aunt was in the house! Her response? "I'm glad you're here. I worry about you. I don't think you go out enough. This is a good crowd, I don't like the facebook crowd, I don't know which are your friends and which are the bands." Cassie and I were ROTFLOLing so hard.

standard party photo

Photo Op #2


Typical Auntie Elaine! Wassup Johnny Depp?

Auntie Elaine....and me.....and Cassie!

A French wingman
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