Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bloomberg's Official Victory Party!

The Party: Bloomberg's Official Victory Party & Staff After-Party
Location: Sheraton Hotel (in midtown)
Total Party Count: 51

A party a day is a noble feat, no doubt, but its possible that there are some people in this world who put my party project to shame... Meet Auntie Elaine! For nearly a decade Auntie Elaine has been trying to drag me  to parties, and I quickly learned to turn down those invitations because 1) its weird to party with your mom's sister 2) she is crazy and tries to pawn me off to any Jewish guy around and doesn't even get the facts straight. Somehow "Smith College Graduate / City Employee" always becomes "Ivy league / Works for Bloomberg." Well, maybe she's onto something.

Anyway, on election night when my aunt sent me a text along the lines of "Want to go??: Sheraton for. --Blomberg," I thought I would give Auntie Elaine another chance (since Mike & I are bff). Here's what I have to show for it....

This is Auntie Elaine.

 She pushed everyone to get up front

Auntie Elaine with our 3rd term mayor!

The money shot. 

Just partying at Bloomberg's staff party, No Big Deal!


"Yale Law" + "M.I.L.F."


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  1. I voted for him, I'll admit it. Gotta rep. I can't front. Yo, ya auntie is hawt!

  2. if you think my aunt is hot you should see my grandma!! I'm sure she'll make a cameo soon