Friday, November 6, 2009

Marathon After-Party

The Party: Karen & Dave's NYC ING Marathon After-Party
Location: Jake's Dilemma (Upper West Side)
Total Party Count: 50

The day after Halloween was slow for partying, but I was determined to discover where da party at! Utilizing my life-long borderline-creepy internet research skills, I found out about Karen & Dave's Marathon After-Party! The said to head over to Jake's Dilemma, a bar on the Upper West Side, and make sure to tell them you're there for Karen's party.

With a private party bracelet now affixed to my wrist, I was surrounded by a bunch of strangers who just finished the marathon, and their friends! Would I be able to work this? Absolutely, because when you've just run 26.2 miles, you're probably more concerned about your legs falling off than whether or not I was actually invited to this party, plus why would anyone want to crash it?? That's kinda weird.  An awesome dude named Adler struck up a conversation with me and we talked about relationship problems and the importance of good character. And then under the guise of "I was supposed to meet my friends here but I got here too late....I'm always late to everything!" he introduced me to the entire Whippets crew. I even got to hang with Karen & Dave, and Dave's mom and sister and brother!


Dashing Whippets, thanks for letting me crash your marathon party and eat your onion rings, you guys were awesome!! I'll be rooting for you at NYC ING Marathon 2010.
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1 comment:

  1. I can't believe people run 26 miles and then go party. I think I would curl up into a fetal position in Central Park and not move for 24 hours.