Sunday, November 15, 2009

Music Video Wrap Party

The Party: Pains of Being Pure at Heart Music Video Wrap Party
Location: Daddy's Bar (in Greenpoint)
Total Party Count: 57

I agreed to be an extra in the next Pains of Being Pure at Heart music video last week because I was promised an after-party. I arrived at the set in Greenpoint, and for 2 hours as I patiently waited to become a star, I was entertained by this scene.....

These are actual Fursuiters i.e. people who dress up in furry costumes for role playing purposes. You probably think I'm going to make fun of them but you're wrong-- when these dorky, socially awkward, not particularly attractive group of folks put their furry suits on, they transform into totally awesome party animals (literally, haw haw).  I guess when you look good, you feel good! To think of all the dollars I've just wasted at Top Shop and Am Appy when really all I needed was a bunny suit.

After the shoot we all went to Daddy's for an informal video wrap party. Under fortuitous circumstances we  were joined by all the coolest people (I won't namedrop Vivian Girls & Fucked Up)!

Oh Daddy's!
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