Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rebecca Turbow's B-day Party

The Party: Rebecca Turbow's B-day Party
Location: Andrew's Apartment (Lower East Side)
Total Party Count: 71

My old friend Rebecca Turbow, fashion designer extraordinaire, had a last minute birthday party at Andrew's apartment, or perhaps it had been planned for months and no one bothered to invite me until the party was already happening. I should have skipped the party to teach everyone a lesson, y'know, really stick it to 'em by sitting in my apartment alone and writing in a blog, but instead I took a taxi downtown after Party #70 to hang with Turbow & Co. It was one of those parties where you have no choice but to take your shoes off  and leave them in the hallway, which was a daunting scenario because I knew I had holes in the toes of my tights-- talk about a TOTAL FASHION FAUX-PAS! Maybe I should take less party taxis and buy more hosiery.

rebecca and thomas

"cum 2 d party~~  is fun"

please stop judging my holey tights

oh yeah, someone was murdered!!!!!

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