Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party 100: 24-hr. Pancake Party

The Party: Lola's 24 hour Pancake Birthday Party
Location: Apartment of one of Lola's boyfriends
Total Party Count: 100!

Ok, time to get this over with:  Party #100. Yes, The grand finale of the Party-A-Day project! Well, for now at least. I wish I could say I had made some big awesome party where I invited everyone from all 100 parties so they could meet each other and tell each other funny stories about how they know me and all the awesome things I did, just like the end of Groundhog's Day, but the truth is, after 100 parties, I kind of just wanted to stay at home and die.... or eat pancakes!
Conveniently enough, Lola was planning a 24-hour pancake party in honor of her 24th birthday.
I didn't know Lola beforehand, but within mere minutes I learned whatever Lola wants Lola gets, and specifically that would be unlimited pancakes and two boyfriends. God bless her.

I went to 100 Parties and All I Got was This Pancake

Lola rejoicing in my glory

With my newfound freedom from partying, I'm going to become a baker

Pancakes & Booze

Pancake Centennial

Brenna came out to support my great accomplishment.


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