Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party 100: 24-hr. Pancake Party

The Party: Lola's 24 hour Pancake Birthday Party
Location: Apartment of one of Lola's boyfriends
Total Party Count: 100!

Ok, time to get this over with:  Party #100. Yes, The grand finale of the Party-A-Day project! Well, for now at least. I wish I could say I had made some big awesome party where I invited everyone from all 100 parties so they could meet each other and tell each other funny stories about how they know me and all the awesome things I did, just like the end of Groundhog's Day, but the truth is, after 100 parties, I kind of just wanted to stay at home and die.... or eat pancakes!
Conveniently enough, Lola was planning a 24-hour pancake party in honor of her 24th birthday.
I didn't know Lola beforehand, but within mere minutes I learned whatever Lola wants Lola gets, and specifically that would be unlimited pancakes and two boyfriends. God bless her.

I went to 100 Parties and All I Got was This Pancake

Lola rejoicing in my glory

With my newfound freedom from partying, I'm going to become a baker

Pancakes & Booze

Pancake Centennial

Brenna came out to support my great accomplishment.


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Drums /Surfer Blood Afterparty

The Party: Drums / Surfer Blood / Dep Guild Afterparty
Location: The Bar 200 Orchard ( In the L.E.S.)
Total Party Count: 99

The after-party to the very sold out Bowery Ballroom Drums / Surfer Blood / Depreciation Guild show was normal, but the more notable partying occurred backstage in the greenroom of B.Ballroom, a room for which there should be a made-for-HBO movie called "If These Walls Could Talk 3: This One Has Almost Nothing To Do With Lesbianism / Abortion."

There would be a scene in this movie where an awesome band of ambiguously-gay hotties (we'll call them "The Drums") are getting ready to go on stage, having some drinks while surrounded by random photographers, a manager, an after-school vocal coach, and inexplicably, some insane drunken blond woman sitting alone, loudly shrieking about how everyone in the room is a bunch of giant A-holes. The Drums didn't know her and thought she was totally weird and it made you wonder "who let the crazy lady back here," and I needed to find out. I started talking to her but quickly realized that Natasha Lyonne's wild-child-with-Tourette's character was going to have to be based on the non-fictional inimitable guitar-monster named Marnie Stern, and she's gonna talk about her vag a lot. I really liked her.

Anyway, here are photos from the regular:
3 Hawaiian Punches, 2 Drums, and a Knight School


Peggy sang a song on stage with The Drums, as noted by the The New York Times. PS THERE ARE PPL DYING IN HAITI ALSO CONAN VS LENO AND SOMETHING ABOUT MASSACHUSETTS REPUBLICAN (I am trying to break into the arena of news punditry / social commentary)


John Norris. He was asking me about The Drum's history, where they met, who writes the songs, the name of their old band, which ones are gay, etc. MTV NEWS U HEAR IT FROM SHIRLEY NEVER

Moshi Moshi
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stevie's Karaoke Birthday Party

The Party: Stevie's Karaoke Birthday Party
Location: Karaoke Cave (near Union Square)
Total Party Count: 98

Is it just me or is there something mildly annoying about other people's karaoke photos? Firstly, it's pretty unlikely that anyone but you is going to think you're a music taste-making genius for picking song #61483, so you can spare the screen shots. Also, every photo looks exactly the same in that "Man-I'm-Really-Feeling-This-Journey-Song-In-A-Way-You-Can't-Possibly-Understand" kind of way, as if me spending a night in bed clicking through 800 identical  photos of you holding a microphone could never compete with the amount of fun and meaning you and your close-knit-group-of-amazing-friends experienced that night reading "Don't Stop Believing" off a TV screen for $50/hr. Or maybe its just me. ANYWAY, HAPPY KARAOKE BIRTHDAY STEVIE!

Controlled Karaoke

#71652. PS the keys are right here in my pocket, HAHA!

Kevin The Cornflake Boy

Me'n'Pegs Romantic Duet

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Worst Cooks in America TV Party

The Party: Worst Cooks in America TV Party w/ Contestant Rachel!
Location: Apt. in Brooklyn
Total Party Count: 97

I salute my shorts to the casting director who decided to enlist Rachel Coleman AKA Pop Jew on "Worst Cooks in America", The Food Network's legit new reality show. I've always felt a certain  affinity towards Rachel because we are both indiepop jew girls.... and both bloggers now! But she's got one up on me, because I will never be the Puck of 2k10.

I arrived at the intimate TV-viewing party at the apt. of one of Rachel's friends expecting a jovial crowd getting psyched for epsiode 2 of America's Best Pop Jew,  but actually everyone was just eating potato chips in the dark while solemnly engrossed in an episode of Big Love. After a dead Mormon compound leader was discovered by the FBI, the Tivo was rewound and it was time to watch Rachel with Rachel! Though her salad was deemed under-seasoned,  her endearing reality TV performance was nothing short of stellar and her pork was good enough to keep her in the running. In fact, while Rachel can't reveal how far she makes it, her enthusiasm for the knife set that they gave her plus the intense expressions of hatred every time contestant Eddy's face appeared on screen gives me the impression that she spent a good amount of time around Eddy and the knives, which makes me optimistic for more episodes of PopJew fun.

Finally done watching Big Love




Needs more kibbles

Evil Eddy!!! (I don't know why he is so bad but I believe Rachel)

Can't wait til next week!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

OMG Origami Party

The Party: O.M.G. (Origami Meetup Group)
Location: Cosi (in Chelsea)
Total Party Count: 96

In 4th grade I was the go-to girl for fortune-teller origami,  but anything more advanced left me with dozens of crumpled paper squares strewn all over my pink-carpeted bedroom floor. After a brief stay at the Vampire Weekend Party a few blocks away, Cassie and I arrived at the weekly Origami Party at delicious-sandwichery Cosi, where we cautiously integrated ourselves into the fold (get it? haha). I was worried we would be ostracized for being total origami posers but party leader Sok took us under his wing and within minutes we were folding beautiful swans and bobbing elephants! I knew this Sok character had some magical powers, and a post-party google search confirmed that Sok Song is a serious origami celeb, designing the Museum of Natural History's annual Origami Tree and being featured on shows like America's Next Top Model. He's like the Vampire Weekend of paper folding, but with cooler parties.

This is a multi-paper origami star

Origami Magic!

Me, Cassie & Origami-Master Sok with our movable elephants!

Beautiful Swans!

Our Masterpieces!

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Vampire Weekend Record Release Party

The Party: Vampire Weekend "Contra" Record Release Party
Location: Spin on 23rd st.
Total Party Count: 95

Did I really feel like going to the Vampire Weekend Record Release Party? Irrelevant, because I have party quotas to fill here folks, only 5 more! Furthermore, VW's Ezra Koenig used to be my New York Noise intern circa '04, and I wanted to be there for him, because he obviously needs my support. EVERY FAN HELPS!!

There was a line to get in which disappeared once the open bar ended, though it didn't get to that point for me because I gave the door guy some dumb rambling excuse and he could probably sense my despair with life. My undiagnosed adult ADD was tested even further when I was instructed to wait on another line for a "mandatory complementary coat check," where upon my turn I was informed "we're not checking coats."  The party of alt-bros playing ping-pong reminded me of a Vampire Weekend music video that doesn't exist because Adam Green already made it. I wanted to go home and change into one of my Steven Alan shirts so I could be more popular at this party, but you're never fully dressed without a smile.

I H8 Ping Pong

Chinese Auction for a box of Vampire Weekend 7"s, promotional flyers, and a ping pong table

Hanratty. I was under the impression he parties more than I do, but he told me he hasn't been going out. All those facebook RSVPs.... LIES!!

 Alt or Bro?

 Cassie matches the ping pong basket!!

I'm going to leave you with a cute "Vampire Weekend Cribs" segment I did for New York Noise

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Code & Beats Party

The Party: Code & Beats
Location: New Work City 
Total Party Count: 94

Do you ever have an idea to do something cool but simultaneously realize that it actually might be the worst idea ever, and you become so caught up with whether it is or isn’t a stupid idea that you have to go through with it just to find out? You know, things like going on a cruise, painting your apt a weird color, dating a crazy person, etc? That’s how I felt when Avi Flombaum told me about his idea for a party where "all these programmers are coding at their computers, and then everyone dances around them-- CODE AND BEATS." I had no idea what this would actually be like in real life, and that's why I needed to find out, so I was like ya dude, DO IT! The next minute the domain is registered, the website is up, and I see I’m listed as a “host” for the event. I prayed this would turn out better than being stranded in the Atlantic for 10 days with the terminally ill. Well, the party totally ruled....Avi, you've really outdone yourself this time!




Me, nice man, lil' flombaum, mike, and Avi!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cassie's Bday Party

The Party: Cassie Marketos' Birthday party
Location: Bruar Falls (in Williamsburg)
Total Party Count: 93

This partying thing-- not gonna lie, kinda over it! My Urban Outfitters 2-ply jacket is not meant to sustain these 16 degree nights, nor do I have anything interesting left to say after 92 parties, but I really had no choice when it came to going to Cassie's Bday because 1) I said I was gonna DJ so right there I'm already screwed 2) She came to my birthday party like 48 hours prior 3) She is the only person who comments on my blog 4) She brought me soup and crackers when I was sick last week.

While I was worried she might sit around and miss me if I wasn't there, I realized it was an unlikely scenario when I got there because everyone loves Cassie, maybe because she goes around NYC delivering saltines and progresso to H1N1 victims. Also I didn't really have to DJ cause Serge totally hogged rocked the DJ decks, so as they say on NCL, I was free to whatever!

Drumsticks & cake, what more could a birthday girl ask for? 

Party-A-Day's #2 commenter

Frankie, Proud 2 B Yr Bud.

I'm wearing Kips sweater cuz he left it at SXSW last year and I was gonna give it back but decided to wear it instead cause I'm so cold (yet somehow not cold enough to wear it in Texas in the springtime)
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Monday, January 4, 2010

My 90's Birthdance Party

The Party: "Pump Up The Jamz" 90's Dance Party: My 27th Bday Edition!
Location: Blackout Bar (in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
Total Party Count: 92

When I was 16 I threw myself a surprise birthday party, which I believe entailed asking my brother to invite over a group of girls from school who didn't even really like me to eat baby pizzas and sambusak, to which I had to act surprised after returning from babysitting across the street. This is the only birthday I remember from my teenage years, which means the other ones were probably celebrated by my mom letting me pick what she was going to make for dinner that night.

Since then, my expectations for my birthday have been set pretty low, made worse by my birthday being Dec. 26, the day after Christmas. At this point, I would consider the most mediocre of parties to be an amazing b-day for me. What an amazing 27th bday this was! Peggy and I played our favorite 90's alt & bro jams, and I even got a $5 tip from a guy who requested LL Cool J and/or SWV. And then one of our friends came and wished a happy Peggy. Waaaaah!!!


Dude on the left kept wanting me to play STP's "Interstate Love Song" but I'm like dude its such a downer,  go have fun with my camera! He took most of these pics....

Cathy's moving out of Blackout Bar (she was pissed so hard cuz I wouldn't play Blind Melon)

A birthday week's supply of gum

All my friends at my party!! (Whats your name again?? JK LOLZ)


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Olive Garden 27th B-day Party

The Party: My 27th Birthday Dinner Party
Location:  The Olive Garden (in Chelsea)
Total Party Count: 91

There are over 18,000 restaurants in New York City, and being that I'm a total food snob, a "foodie" if you will,  I take great pride in selecting only the best culinary adventures this city has to offer. That's why on special occasions, like my 27th birthday, I choose The Olive Garden. The soup-salad-breadsticks combo is nothing short of a gastronomical explosion, not to mention, hello, its UNLIMITED, so tell your homeless friends.  But what really keeps me going back each year is their original O.G. birthday song, which I love to bop along to as the suicidal waitstaff serenades me, concluded by the entire restaurant cheering in celebration of my special day!

The Olive Garden is for Lovers

SSB with SB

Wish they would just fill it up high instead of having 2 get 100 refills, yknow?

Can't wait to turn 28 next year!
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