Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vampire Weekend Record Release Party

The Party: Vampire Weekend "Contra" Record Release Party
Location: Spin on 23rd st.
Total Party Count: 95

Did I really feel like going to the Vampire Weekend Record Release Party? Irrelevant, because I have party quotas to fill here folks, only 5 more! Furthermore, VW's Ezra Koenig used to be my New York Noise intern circa '04, and I wanted to be there for him, because he obviously needs my support. EVERY FAN HELPS!!

There was a line to get in which disappeared once the open bar ended, though it didn't get to that point for me because I gave the door guy some dumb rambling excuse and he could probably sense my despair with life. My undiagnosed adult ADD was tested even further when I was instructed to wait on another line for a "mandatory complementary coat check," where upon my turn I was informed "we're not checking coats."  The party of alt-bros playing ping-pong reminded me of a Vampire Weekend music video that doesn't exist because Adam Green already made it. I wanted to go home and change into one of my Steven Alan shirts so I could be more popular at this party, but you're never fully dressed without a smile.

I H8 Ping Pong

Chinese Auction for a box of Vampire Weekend 7"s, promotional flyers, and a ping pong table

Hanratty. I was under the impression he parties more than I do, but he told me he hasn't been going out. All those facebook RSVPs.... LIES!!

 Alt or Bro?

 Cassie matches the ping pong basket!!

I'm going to leave you with a cute "Vampire Weekend Cribs" segment I did for New York Noise

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