Sunday, January 10, 2010

OMG Origami Party

The Party: O.M.G. (Origami Meetup Group)
Location: Cosi (in Chelsea)
Total Party Count: 96

In 4th grade I was the go-to girl for fortune-teller origami,  but anything more advanced left me with dozens of crumpled paper squares strewn all over my pink-carpeted bedroom floor. After a brief stay at the Vampire Weekend Party a few blocks away, Cassie and I arrived at the weekly Origami Party at delicious-sandwichery Cosi, where we cautiously integrated ourselves into the fold (get it? haha). I was worried we would be ostracized for being total origami posers but party leader Sok took us under his wing and within minutes we were folding beautiful swans and bobbing elephants! I knew this Sok character had some magical powers, and a post-party google search confirmed that Sok Song is a serious origami celeb, designing the Museum of Natural History's annual Origami Tree and being featured on shows like America's Next Top Model. He's like the Vampire Weekend of paper folding, but with cooler parties.

This is a multi-paper origami star

Origami Magic!

Me, Cassie & Origami-Master Sok with our movable elephants!

Beautiful Swans!

Our Masterpieces!

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