Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stevie's Karaoke Birthday Party

The Party: Stevie's Karaoke Birthday Party
Location: Karaoke Cave (near Union Square)
Total Party Count: 98

Is it just me or is there something mildly annoying about other people's karaoke photos? Firstly, it's pretty unlikely that anyone but you is going to think you're a music taste-making genius for picking song #61483, so you can spare the screen shots. Also, every photo looks exactly the same in that "Man-I'm-Really-Feeling-This-Journey-Song-In-A-Way-You-Can't-Possibly-Understand" kind of way, as if me spending a night in bed clicking through 800 identical  photos of you holding a microphone could never compete with the amount of fun and meaning you and your close-knit-group-of-amazing-friends experienced that night reading "Don't Stop Believing" off a TV screen for $50/hr. Or maybe its just me. ANYWAY, HAPPY KARAOKE BIRTHDAY STEVIE!

Controlled Karaoke

#71652. PS the keys are right here in my pocket, HAHA!

Kevin The Cornflake Boy

Me'n'Pegs Romantic Duet

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