Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cassie's Bday Party

The Party: Cassie Marketos' Birthday party
Location: Bruar Falls (in Williamsburg)
Total Party Count: 93

This partying thing-- not gonna lie, kinda over it! My Urban Outfitters 2-ply jacket is not meant to sustain these 16 degree nights, nor do I have anything interesting left to say after 92 parties, but I really had no choice when it came to going to Cassie's Bday because 1) I said I was gonna DJ so right there I'm already screwed 2) She came to my birthday party like 48 hours prior 3) She is the only person who comments on my blog 4) She brought me soup and crackers when I was sick last week.

While I was worried she might sit around and miss me if I wasn't there, I realized it was an unlikely scenario when I got there because everyone loves Cassie, maybe because she goes around NYC delivering saltines and progresso to H1N1 victims. Also I didn't really have to DJ cause Serge totally hogged rocked the DJ decks, so as they say on NCL, I was free to whatever!

Drumsticks & cake, what more could a birthday girl ask for? 

Party-A-Day's #2 commenter

Frankie, Proud 2 B Yr Bud.

I'm wearing Kips sweater cuz he left it at SXSW last year and I was gonna give it back but decided to wear it instead cause I'm so cold (yet somehow not cold enough to wear it in Texas in the springtime)
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