Monday, January 4, 2010

My 90's Birthdance Party

The Party: "Pump Up The Jamz" 90's Dance Party: My 27th Bday Edition!
Location: Blackout Bar (in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
Total Party Count: 92

When I was 16 I threw myself a surprise birthday party, which I believe entailed asking my brother to invite over a group of girls from school who didn't even really like me to eat baby pizzas and sambusak, to which I had to act surprised after returning from babysitting across the street. This is the only birthday I remember from my teenage years, which means the other ones were probably celebrated by my mom letting me pick what she was going to make for dinner that night.

Since then, my expectations for my birthday have been set pretty low, made worse by my birthday being Dec. 26, the day after Christmas. At this point, I would consider the most mediocre of parties to be an amazing b-day for me. What an amazing 27th bday this was! Peggy and I played our favorite 90's alt & bro jams, and I even got a $5 tip from a guy who requested LL Cool J and/or SWV. And then one of our friends came and wished a happy Peggy. Waaaaah!!!


Dude on the left kept wanting me to play STP's "Interstate Love Song" but I'm like dude its such a downer,  go have fun with my camera! He took most of these pics....

Cathy's moving out of Blackout Bar (she was pissed so hard cuz I wouldn't play Blind Melon)

A birthday week's supply of gum

All my friends at my party!! (Whats your name again?? JK LOLZ)


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  1. Man, you really need to watch that one ol' dude above. . .he is seriously fucked up! I know that dude from the Bronx and he is crazy. Liked to put cotton balls up his ass. . ..