Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dean Bein's 27th B-day Party

The Party: Dean Bein's 27th Birthday Party
Location:  Apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Total Party Count: 68

Dean Bein is 27! But I remember when he was a mere 26, trying to make it in the big city with his record label, Mighty Duck Records True Panther Sounds, with a roster of bands that almost nobody ever heard of. And then one night he came home from a business dinner wearing finely pressed pants and a nice belt he borrowed from  his roommate who had parties in the apartment every night (that's why I was there), and the normally incredibly cool  Dean just stood there in shock-- I looked at his hands and he was trembling. He had just been told that Beggars / Matador Records wanted to pick up his label. Brooklyn Vegan broke the news 7 months later so I guess he wasn't lying. Not a bad year.

Anyway, about the party. It ruled. Alex from Lemonade is officially a gifted, dutiful party chef-- I recommend him for your next simcha.  He made amazing burritos and/but he will passionately relay to you just how organic the burrito goat is and how he wishes he could have seen that goat being raised on the special organic farm. Also I am going to advise party hosts Jesse & Dean to check the batteries in their smoke detector because we probably all should have stopped-dropped-and-rolled out of there, but I'm glad we kept partying!!!

Alex & Dean. Keep Cookin!

I got confused and actually meant thumbs down. Sierra Nevada's "Celebration Ale" is nothing to be celebrated.

Hanging by the fridge, checkin out magnets 'n' stuff

still nervous around the opposite sex

Dean enjoying his birthday bananas foster. Mike Sniper enjoying his tequila.

 Eric, remember when we talked and you had a tortilla chip? THAT WAS SO AWESOME.

I was supposed to delete this and I really was going to. New Tanlines press photo, email me for hi-res.
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  1. Friendster in 2003 ----> Onlysimchas! in 2010..

  2. NICE! but you need to add photos. you should let me party blog your wedding.

  3. To be fair, I was a mere line cook. Dean held executive duties.

  4. also I think you have a jewish-filter on your phone. even the gentiles look kinda semitic to me