Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jewish Fashion & Passion Party

The Party:  An Evening of Fashion and Passion CYJP/Birthright
Location: Escape (Midtown West)
Total Party Count: 59

Last week, two Jewish organizations, Birthright (aka giver of free trips to Israel for Jews) and  "The Council of Young Jewish Presidents" (whatever that means!) joined forces to create a party called "An Evening of Passion and Fashion," which pretty much guaranteed there would be no passion nor fashion in my future. I had been 50+ parties into my  project without having attended a Jewish "mixer", so I thought instead of celebrating sneakers or pumpkins or puppies I would try real life for once, but  now I remember why I was a depressed teen who had to make internet friends in lieu of real ones (answer: blame it on the Jews).

Co-Cupcake Freak Carlen Returns!

I rambled on incoherently about miscellaneous Jewish topics just to get a picture talking into a "Shalom TV" microphone

Just loungin' around!

My favorite person at this party was a man who walked around with a Lonely Planet Guide to Antactica.

2 out of 3 men in this photograph propositioned a threesome. Say what?! Not that kind of party girl.
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