Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nick Gray's Culturally Significant Party

The Party: Nick Gray's "Fresh Cocktails & Games" Party
Location: Nick Gray's apt in Williamsburg
Total Party Count: 52

I use the internet for lots of things (mainly for playing wheel of fortune and sending e-cards) but one thing I don't do often is read blogs. However, I do recall an item a few weeks ago on titled Meet Nick Gray, Thrower of ‘Culturally Significant’ Williamsburg Parties. Ok, but how do I meet Nick Gray? And how do I get to his parties? Whats a girl gotta do to be culturally significant??  Is producing an indierock tv show not enough? No, apparently what I needed was a party blog!

When I received an email invite for Nick Gray's "Fresh Cocktails and Games Experiment" party, in which it was specified that there would be "hot and motivated people" and a "strong focus on quick interactive games" I was really excited to have the opportunity to pledge at this Secret Society of Williamsburg, and play awesome games, like "Lincoln Logs" and "Trust Falls." The invitation continued, in bold...."You are expected to participate.... Anyone who is not participating will be asked to leave....Absolutely no friends allowed unless you clear it with me first." In that NY Magazine post, a guy from The Hype Machine said "Nick's parties are all about togetherness — not about exclusivity." Yup, just like Skull and Bones!

I did my best to impress Nick Gray (who impressed me with his awesome party hosting skillz) and the other cult members so I could officially be recruited. You want me to wear a nametag, put on a party hat, play weird HR games with strangers, dance all night in your living room and learn to juggle?? NO PROBZ! Actually the juggling was a big problem. If a man came up to you at a party with some bean bags and said "Wanna learn to juggle" and 3 minutes later you were a live circus act, you'd be pretty amazing. Wish I could be amazing like you!!!

Here are some party pics, taken by Random Night Out's Nick McGlynn, who is an awesome culturally significant person I met at the party....

The cult of Nick Gray

Trust Falls!

Well, i guess there are a lot of amazing people in the world.

Nick McGlynn, magically taking a photo of himself

 Tell me if I'm not partying hard enough

Me with the one and only Nick Gray!

PS-  I PASSED THE INITIATION!!! Nick made a bid for my membership and put me on his friends email list!!! Thanks Nick, can't wait for the next one!

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  1. i think it was really cute that for your hyperlink to the word "Blog" you put this one! mazal tov SB!!

  2. haha thanks!!! I think i gotta catch up on my JZ's. too much time on my own blog these days!

  3. You are awesome! Thanks for writing this up and see you next time.

  4. Are these people are all ex-drama/theater nerds like Glee? JK! Congrats, you got into the Sorority! Good pledge. I love the hats.

  5. They seemed to mainly be entrepreneurial internet startup kids and hot girls nick met on the train or in a supermarket?? Yeah the pics rule, they totally match the website background image!!!!


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