Friday, November 20, 2009

Cousin Sherri's Engagement Party

The Party: My Cousin Sherri's Engagement Party
Location: Gravesend, Brooklyn
Total Party Count: 65

Sherri is getting married! Yes, my wonderful 6-years-younger-than-me cousin has found the love of her life, so I headed out to my hometown of Aleppo, Syria Gravesend, Brooklyn to celebrate at their engagement party! The event was a test of how many hundreds of relatives and kibbeh could fit into a  house (answer: a lot), and how long I could keep a conversation going (answer: two rounds of pleasantries, or about 13 seconds).

My lovely cousin Sherri and her future husband. 

3 Braha Girls


Sherri's Awesome Bat-Mitzvah 4evs!!!


The Shirley Brahas
(if you see videos of me doing hip hop routines on youtube, its probably Shirley #2)
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  1. mabrouk! haha :) the food looks good at least.

  2. when we getting your engagement party on this site??? just sketching!!!