Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Best Music Writing 2009" After-Party

The Party: "Best Music Writing 2009" Book Launch After-party
Location: Puck Fair (in Soho)
Total Party Count: 47

I have generally been enjoying my party-a-day project for nearly a month and a half now, but there is a cost and effect for everything. When all your free time is spent partying, there are things that just naturally fall by the wayside....for example, reading books, being healthy, cultivating true love, and everything else in life! Fortunately, last night I was able to get in a little bit of book reading before the obligatory afterpartying.

Housingworks hosted a reading of selections from "Best Music Writing 2009," compiled by an old friend Daphne Carr and edited by the legendary music writer Greil Marcus. All the pieces seemed really insightful, and Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney) and the infamous Nick Sylvester were especially hilarious, but now I remember why I don't go to many book readings....because my attention span was worse than a kid failing out of kingsborough community college. Its a good thing one of the readers had a character named "Shirley" in his story, because it kept reminding me that i was conscious. I'm officially never going to grad school.

After a blush-red Cassie got her book signed by Greil Marcus, we were off to the AFTERPARTY in the basement of The Alamo Puck Fair . The free quesadillas  held my attention just fine.

 Daphne Carr at her awesome party! and guest!

yay us!! nicole, ben, me, daphne carr, and pegs

this man kept stealing our free french fries!!! writer jody rosen

just a bunch of gals who love some good music writing
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