Friday, October 30, 2009

Studio Beauty Channel Party

The Party: Studio Beauty Channel Launch Party
Location: Korres Makeup Store in Soho
Total Party Count: 43

The other night, in a little make-up store named Korres on Wooster St, a launch party was had for Studio Beauty Channel. What is Studio Beauty Channel? Its a website to help girls look pretty!! Watch their videos so you don't die alone. I should watch them but I will probably forget, because I am bad at being a girl. If I was good at being a girl, I wouldn't have gone to this party for the sole purpose of discovering how many mini-cupcakes I could take off this man's tray before it became inappropriate....

According to James, 3 mini-cupcakes is socially acceptable. I made carlen get me #7 and james got me #8.

Carlen is my soul sister. Sometimes drunk people think I'm her, plus we both have cupcake eating disorders.

the weirdo cupcake girls + the incredible elizabeth spiridakis!
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