Saturday, October 10, 2009

BAM Art Party

The Party: BAM's Next Wave Art Opening
Location: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Total Party Count: 19

On Tuesday I wanted to knock out my party obligation as fast as possible cause i started the master cleanse detox and was totally braindead. Well lucky for me, Brooklyn Academy of Music was hosting an opening reception party for their "Next Wave" art exhibit, so i headed over there straight from work. What better chance to explore Brooklyn's burgeoning art scene!

As I perused the accompanying literature I was interrupted by my friend Dr. Maz, DJ and dentist extraordinaire! He was all "what are you doing here?" and I was all "oh you know, just checkin' out ART, duh" and he was all "are you here for your party blog?" - BUSTED! Maz's sister Diana is one of the featured artists in the exhibit.

The Al-Hadid Siblings!

I think this would look great in the living room.
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