Friday, October 2, 2009

Gen Art Party!

The Party: Gen Art's "Fall for New York"
Location: Rooftop of Skylight West Studios on 36th & 10th
Money Wasted: $0
Total Party Count: 12

As a "member of the media" I frequently receive invites to all sorts of events ..... mostly things like "up and coming" metal bands playing shows on long island. For most of my career I have been ignoring said party invites, but times they are a'changin!

I took a look at my inbox to see what parties I could potentially attend last night, and I had not one but two good options! I could have gone to a party where chase crawford was expected to appear on the red carpet, but that one was later in the evening, which would interfere with my dinner plans with my boy Phofo.

But the party I did attend wasn't too shabby, oh no, not shabby at all! Gen Art held their annual "Fall For New York" party at Skylight West Studios in midtown... west. I had been to Skylight Regular / Not West before, and I knew this was gonna be fancy-pants! Well, at least compared to the last few parties I've been to it felt like Princess Diana's Magical Wedding, cause they had free macaroons and open bar with bubblegum flavored vodka. Yeah 4 reals.
Who would ever drink bubblegum vodka... aside from me??

Well I lasted at this place for a good hour, because thanks to my jew twin producer friends finger on the pulse who conveniently were DJing the party I only had to have convo with strangers 50% of the time. Well really, 25% of the time, because the other 25% was spent standing alone awkwardly, fiddling with my blackberry.

I got my gift bag with cool hair products and then met up with Phofo for some Sushi Samba. Now that, THAT was a party! Don't worry, I'm not counting it as a party, thats not within the rules of party blog, but sushies with phofies was the bestestest.

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  1. my idea for an iphone app is an app that sends you pretend texts so you appear busy when you're fake fiddling with your phone when you're alone at a party

  2. ooooh good idea! in the meantime, you can SMS google for weather reports.