Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Hipster After-Party

The Party: After-Party for Fever Ray's Webster Hall Show
Location: Arrow Bar in the East Village
Money Wasted: $3 on a diet coke ("I'm riding my bike" / "free jameson? kewl!")
Overall Rating: 3/5
Total Party Count: 11

Last night marked my one week anniversary of party-a-day, but rather than resting on my laurels (not an option, natch), I compromised with a disco nap and set my bberry alarm for 11:30pm.

A few snooze button hits later, I got my hair did and hopped on my bike to the after-party of fever ray's webster hall show at Arrow Bar (the last time I was there it was called 85A, but maybe that was 2005). It was still crowded when I got there at 1:30, saw some friends but I think a couple had already left. I was planning to pop in for a quick visit cause I srsly didn't even want to go, but once again, partying prevailed! I'm really getting the hang of this thing!

fashion hipsters (this is most ppl in nyc i think)

new friends i will never see again

Getting to a party past its peek is generally a good idea because its less of a hassle plus everyone is already drunk and will just assume you are too, even though you are just naturally weird, and you'll totally have saved 400 cals / $30 (not that Id ever spend that much on drinks, but i think normal people do??). Also if people are there that long, you know they are committed to partying! On the flip side, its pretty unlikely that your soulmate is just hanging around some crappy bar at 3am on a Tuesday night. Well maybe yours is, but I dont think mine is?? ANYWAY listen i dont want to turn this into some sex-in-the-city-type-shit. I gotta get ready for my next party now, and its NOT a hipster party tonight, which scares me. Will I be accepted into general society? The experiment continues.

BTW, before I go, I just wanted to inform you that Arrow Bar is conveniently located a block up from the 24hr Food Town, which turns out is a delightful and fairly economical way to do your weekly grocery shopping when you have a hectic partying schedule. Going to supermarkets is also best done late night when the crowds have thinned, and youre almost certain to have the whole supermarket to yourself (but that also means no supermarket soulmate)
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