Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Partying for Practice: The Drums Afterparty

The Party: The Drums After-Party
Location: White Slab Palace in the LES
Peak Attendance: about 40 people
Money Wasted: $0
Overall Rating: 3/5

So, technically, the Party-A-Day project doesn't begin until tonight, but to get into the spirit of things, I followed through on a party last night.

I headed towards the Mercury Lounge to see Knight School & The Drums, but I missed Knight School because I wasted too much time at K-Mart, an errand I chose to perform knowing that once the Party-A-Day project officially begins, I may not have time for such lavish shopping expeditions. Its weird how K-Mart, smack in the middle of downtown, is completely deserted, yet the Target in Brooklyn has nary a shopping cart to spare. Perhaps its a shocking reminder of how in NYC, even when it comes to discount megastores, image is everything.

So I got there in time to see The Drums, who were pretty amazing. Next thing I know I'm in the green room (I know, I'm soooo kewl), and then I heard the word "afterparty." It's not that I wanted to party, but I had to do it, yknow, for practice.

So The Drums DJed at White Slab Palace , your typical LES bar on the corner of Delancey & Allen (I thought it was called White Slob Palace, which is a far better name). They tagteamed from their ipods-- St. Etienne, Joy Division, Camera Obscura, Love is All, Knight School, Cats on Fire. There were about 6 people dancing, me occasionally being one of them cuz Im forcing myself to party (for this project). 4 of the other dancing people were members of The Drums, all the while banging a tambourine really really loudly, completely oblivious to how much they were pissing off the bartenders.

Party Detour: There was a party in the room next door, a "virgo party"- a party only for Virgos I guess. The bartender (who was a virgo) told me there were cupcakes and escorted me there, but there was not a cupcake to be found. or a party either, really.

Anyway, I wrapped up the night with a trip to Great N.Y. Noodletown on Bayard & Bowery at 2am with my boys Kevin & Chris (from Knight School). This part was actually the highlight of the night. Maybe the moral of Practice Party Night was that hanging out and eating cheap chinese is more fun that partying, but sometimes you have to party to get to that place.
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  1. i wish i was partying with you last night. and tonight. and all the time.

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