Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stoop(id) Party

Party #1: Beets @ Dead Herring for Cathys Bday
Party #2: Someones Going Away Party @ a bar
Party #3: Rooftop on Canal St.

Last night I went to the venue dead herring in williamsburg for cathy's bday party / show where the beets and german measles and some other bands were playing. But when I say "went", what I really mean is I "sat outside on the stoop with kevin for 2 hours" and when I say "party" I mean "I saw a lot of people I knew, and I was happy to see them, but I had nothing to say." I love the Beets and I thought it would be a super fun party night, but in reality I wasn't in the mood to go deaf in a smelly room plus i was just standing there and realized "crap, i have experienced this identical night about 109 times already."

After catching sean take a leak we left to get coffee and bibimbap and hang out on different steps. Sitting on bedford & grand on a friday night is basically a party in itself. My friend doug walked by and mentioned he was headed to a going away PARTY so duh, i tagged along for the project. It was a low key gathering at this bar The Palace in greenpoint, where I chatted with doug's friends for a bit and had a beer for $1.50 and then it was back to the city for me.

I returned to manhattan around 3:30am with the feeling that while I had technically been to 2 parties, I hadn't successfully fulfilled my party quota. I swung by Tribeca Grand to see if anything was still going on, but all I saw were some hot messes and a janitor vacuuming (FYI, late night trips to Tribeca Grand are not a thing I normally do, its just an experiment for this blog). Luckily my friend Alex informed me that he was at a rooftop party on canal st. - bingo! 10 minutes and 6 flights of stairs later I am on a huge fancy rooftop.

I couldn't find alex at first but it didnt matter- no one at this party seemed to know each other or whose party it was or what planet we were on. I did a little research and found a Yale alumni magazine in the bathroom, but apparently you can purchase it for $4.75 even if you're not an alum. The bathroom had this sign on the door:

A birthday cake with candles came out around 5:30am. Who waits til 5 to sing happy birthday?? After the cake presentation I felt satisfied that my party-a-day obligation had been fulfilled.

Well, time to party again! Tonight should be an interesting one.
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