Monday, September 28, 2009

Sandie's Big Gay House Party

Party #1: Sandie's Big Gay House Party on Bleecker St.
Party #2: Phoenix After-Party at Tribeca Grand

While I restricted myself to a 1-mile party radius due to inclement weather, i fulfilled & surpassed my party-a-day quota last night.

My coworker buboo so kindly invited me to a houseparty on bleecker st, hosted by a man named sandy who directed a groundbreaking documentary a couple years ago about gay orthodox jews, "Trembling Before G-d". I wasn't sure to what extent this would be a gay party or a film party or a jewish party, but with the lack of interest from 97% of the men there, well, it was easy to meet all 3 straight jews. One made fun of the channel I work for, another gave me vodka shots and fed me pickled herring (not bad!), and the final one told me about his mom explaining how to give oral when he was 10 whilst living in a teepee. All in all it was a fine way to spend a rainy night.

me & buboo gone wild!

But wait, there's more- I headed over to Tribeca Grand around 2:30, and unlike the night prior, there was something of a party going on. I think it was an after-party for the band Phoenix, and its possible that holy ghost were DJing, but i really couldn't tell you for sure. I ended up talking for a while with this guy who does A&R for Shady Records.... he assumed I'm hip-hop-tarded and followed that up with "Eminem's Label..... He's really cleaned up in the last year."

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