Friday, September 25, 2009

(My Mental) HEALTH After-Party

The Party: HEALTH's Unofficial Afterparty
Location: Lulu's in Greenpoint
Money Wasted: $15 to get home
Overall Rating: 4/5

I'm only on day #4 , but thus far Party-A-Day has been improving my bad 'tude. In fact, yesterday I had good reason to stay home & die, but instead I subjected myself to a sequence of social situations all night, and here i am, no worse for the wear!

Katie gets an award for the early section of the evening, skipping her manicure to have delicious wild rice salad at Spring St. Natural, and facilitating entry to the Tanlines / Pictureplane / HEALTH show at Bowery Ballroom. But after "her boyfriends band" finished their set she departed to the big Gary Olsen Birthday Bash at Bruar Falls, which was my original party plan for the evening, but I decided to stick around Bowery. After all, I was at Bruar last night, and this is not the Bruar-Falls-A-Day project. Gary is well-loved and has plenty of friends in the world, I wasn't too worried about him (sorry gary, happy birthday!) , and I knew there would be other opportunities to fulfill my party-a-day obligation.

I hung around with some free drinks at Bowery until everyone loaded up their gear and decided where we were afterpartying, though for all practical purposes we were totally already afterpartying. There was mass confusion as to where we were going (Heathers! Happy Ending! Pizza! House party in Greenpoint!) but most of us ended up at...... LULU'S . Yes, it was slightly preposterous to go to greenpoint when i live like 5 minutes from Bowery Ballroom, but hey, thats how the party blog rolls.

When we pulled up to Lulu's in the tanlines party car I became well aware that this party was going to be around 10% the size of Gary's bash, but my party choice for the evening was cemented and I totally embraced Lulu's, its surprisingly delicious free customizable pizza and awesome crowd of a few good friends and a couple new acquaintances. Its impossible to know for sure where I would have had the most fun, but when I hopped in a cab home at 3am I didn't want to die, and hey, that's what I call a party!

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