Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sisterhood Vs. Daddyhood

The Party: Tom Tom Magazine Website Launch Party
Location: Bruar Falls in Williamsburg
Money Wasted: $0
Overall Rating: 3/5

As promised, last night was the official start of The Party-a-Day Project! No more practice parties-- This is the real deal now. My party of choice was the Tom Tom Magazine Website Launch Party at Bruar Falls . Heres a Little Shirley Beans fun fact for you: I play the drums (more or less), and being that Tom Tom is a magazine all about female percussionists, and indeed I am even going to have my photo in their first issue, how could I not party? Furthermore, I saw that 15 of my friends RSVP'd to the event on ye olde facebook.

As you can imagine, this event was the premiere destination for ladies who drum.....and the ladies who love them! I don't know what happened to those who RSVP'd on facebook (here's looking at you, Schechter, Erin, Carlen, Cassie, Hope, Bodor, Turbow, Dafna, Erin, and Jerry Zeinfeld) but as Mr. K.R. astutely observed, it was "kind of a very lesbian scene." Now, being a Smith graduate ("etc etc etc etc"), perhaps I have a fair amount of familiarity with this sort of thing, but suffice to say its not my usual scene these days. Regardless, I knew a lot of people there, so it was cool to bro down with the ladies for a bit, mostly listening to Dylan, Patty and Fiona talk about the master cleanse. We might start it on Monday. Soon I may have to Party-a-Day on nothing but lemonade with cayenne pepper. Am I up to the challenge? I think so. In the meantime, I bummed an amazing banana-walnut bar off cathy (who has a birthday PARTY on friday).

Mid-evening, Miss Katie sent me the following riddle

If I'm at daddys....And you're at daddy's.... Is that a party?

No, that is not a party. But with my official party out of the way for the evening, that was irrelevant. With Keren in tow, I betrayed my sisterhood for Daddy's, and what do you know, some of my favorite personalities were in the house! Had so much meaningful convo that I forgot it was set to rain at 2am, and next thing you know I am standing outside daddys in an anorak waiting for Northside to transport me and my bike back to manhattan.

While I'd prefer not to spend $23 getting home, the party-a-day project thus far has been nice.
Might hit up Bruar again tonight for Gary Olsen's birthday party.
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