Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Repentance Party

The Party: Breaking of the Yom Kippur Fast
Location: My Family's House in Brooklyn

While Yom Kippur, the holiest day of my religion, still isn't important enough to warrant holiday status at my office of civil servitude, I naturally took a day off to mourn. But next, how to interject partying into the saddest day of the year while located at my parents house in brooklyn? Well, the breaking-of-the-fast dinner with my family of 7 was the closest I was going to get ....its a Monday night anyway.

I cheated my way through fasting by waking up at 3pm and suffering for a mere 4 hours before stuffing my face. I don't know how I'd have filled up the day if I woke up any earlier like a good normal person. It was a struggle even keeping myself alive for 4 hours when the NY Times seemed like it had just been sitting there for years..... Global Warming is Real.... We Need More Troops....Its Hard To Be a Gay Teen..... College Tuition is Expensive.... Imagine If We Had a Cure For AIDS- But We Don't... Roman Polanski is Going to Jail for Rape of a Minor (this was from Yom Kippur 1978).

Even more exciting was my little sister subjecting me to Dr. Oz on DVR--- It was the episode where he gives health advice to fat people. Thank God I have my party blog to keep me marginally entertained with life.

Here's my mom & sister at tonights party, completely oblivious as of yet to my party project (sorry mom- i was planning to tell you after the book deal)

And heres me, needing some help from Dr. Oz
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