Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Save The Deli" Deli-licious Party!

The Party: "Save The Deli" Book Launch Party
Location: Ben's Kosher Delicatessen in Midtown
Total Party Count: 27

My grandparents sent me a text this morning to meet for dinner at Bianca, and at their chosen meal time of 5pm we were unsurprisingly the only people there... aside from the magical Mr. John Waters who apparently is also a big fan of the early bird special.

Even though my grandparents, john waters, and the eggplant parm totally ruled, had I known what was in store for tonight's party maybe I should have skipped that portion of the night, cause this giant buffet party was off the hook.....

I times squared it to the "Save-The-Deli" Book Launch Party at Ben's Kosher Delicatessen!! Sometimes people ask me "so, what's been your favorite party so far?" and I reply "hmmmm...none." Well I was waiting for the day when I could reply without sounding like a depressed loser, and apparently that day will never come! What does it mean that my favorite party is a bunch of jews eating free pastrami, latkes and rugallach in a deli in midtown??? It was a glorified homeless food line, and it was the best.

lisa & teva getting their handouts.

me and my dad's old friend sandy levine who runs the carnegie deli!! thats his amazingly nice wife whose father originally opened the deli (nice going, sandy!)

dunno this guy but i think i love him

awww yeah!!!
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