Friday, October 2, 2009

GDGT's Giant Nerd Party

The Party: gdgt's East Coast Launch Party
Location: Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom
Money Wasted: $0
Total Party Count: 13

The last time I was at "Manhattan Center" I was there to see Animal Collective, but this time I was there to learn about the future of mobile technology-- and party for it! At gdgt's east coast launch party, conversation began with questions like "how many megapixels is your camera?" (uhhh idunno) and progressed with a new app per minute. They had a #gdgtny twitter live stream screen on the stage-- and I totally tweeted on it, huhuhuhuh. kewl! Then I talked about my early adoption of social networking and my need for third party web apps due to facebook bugs that are only experienced by people who have too many friends. They hate me cause theyre jealz!

Well I didn't think I was really going to know anyone at this party, but turns out I knew like the coolest person there, cause my friend Eric (See Health Afterparty) has a brother Josh who is like Lord of the Gadgets (Well, Engadgets). Now thats what I call ROTFLOLZ. Anyway..... Listen up ladies, this place literally had 10 boys for every girl. Maybe more!!!!!! These adorable dorks will talk to you all night. The twitter projector was long gone by the time I headed out of there.

boys & apps (and me)

go gdgt go!

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