Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hipsters on a Rooftop Party

The Party: Hipsters on a Rooftop
Location: Spencer Sweeney's apt in the L.E.S.
Total Party Count: 22

I felt kind of sick on friday and almost had to skip a party but i didnt want to let you down. I put on a dumb dress and in the middle of the drizzly night i begrudgingly walked over to a rooftop party on ludlow st. hosted by the artist spencey sweeney with someone from gang gang dance DJing.

I might have had a fine time, but I didnt. I felt so tired that it required vast amounts of energy to form a sentence, not even a funny one! my attempt at dancing was little more than a half-hearted step-and-touch routine lasting one whole song, with which I concluded another awesome night of partying! Apparently I left too soon cause I missed a huge fight with broken bottles and blood and everything!!

(Ed.-- I really did get sick this weekend and had to stay home-- but now I'm back and better than ever! Watch out world.)

a kewl party trick!

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