Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dum Dum Girls After After Party

The Party: Dum Dum Girls unofficial after party
Location: Daddy's in Greenpoint
Total Party Count: 40

On account of the Doggy Party and dinner at Snacky, I sadly missed most of the Dum Dum Girls / Reading Rainbow show, but I was comforted by the epic hangs which followed.

The remnants of the crowd at Bruar Falls and a few new drop-ins congealed into a post-cmj clusterfudge of brooklyn's greatest hits + special guests! We were having a nice time at "the falls" when it was somehow determined that the party was moving to Daddy's. Why? Why were we going to move to a different bar to do the exact same thing we were doing right there? You know whats dumb? "Bar Hopping." Having a beer in a different chair is not an activity, its not even an adjective. AAANYWAY, we moved to Daddy's, and it was kewl. I'm glad we barhopped!

i hope my mom lets me hang out with these cool people again

world #1 bartender!

Jake was a celebrity magician in his youth and hes a little sensitive about it, but i got him to do some tricks!

when i am old (spring 2010) i want someone to use this photo at the end of a slideshow of pics at daddy's, set to madonna's hit single "this used to be my playground" from the motion picture soundtrack "a league of their own."
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