Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CMJ Party Round-up (5-in-1)

Party #33: OhMyRockness.com 5th Anniversary Party @ Santo's
Party #34: AAM Party @ The Suffolk
Party #35: Matador / True Panther Party @ The Suffolk
Party #36: Brooklyn Vegan Day Party @ Pianos
Party #37: Sushi Party with Pete & The Pirates @ Takahachi

As a party expert, I often get asked "What constitutes a party? Is a concert a party?" No, a concert is not a party, but there are exceptions when it comes to such things. For example, if the name of the event has "party" in it, then hey, IT'S A PARTY! The annual CMJ Music Festival is ripe with events of that sort, and so here is my round-up of 5 days of loophole partying. I'm gonna gloss over it because i can barely remember it and you can also read about in on a hundred different websites, and I want to get back to covering funny parties....

Wednesday was the 5th Birthday Party/Show for the trusty nyc showlistings website Ohmyrockness. Small Black were my favorite band of the night, but these wacky 'wegians were definitely the coolest looking:

UNGDOMSKULEN (singer forgot to XYZ)

The next night after catching Male Bonding at Pianos I was hanging out at cakeshop and i ran into one of my favorite people, Jay Ruttenberg, who joined me on a trip around the block to see New Zealand's Surf City at the AAM Party. The show was literally running 2 hours late, so he told me stories about his nutty mom for a while. I stuck around til about 2am for violens....

in case you are curious how many people want to
watch violens at 2:30am

Inexplicably I went back to cakeshop after the show, and lo and behold, my british bros from the amazing Pete and the Pirates were having some brewskies right where I left them 4 hours ago.

On Friday after watching an awesome set from one of my favorite new bands Surfer Blood at cakeshop, I headed over to The Suffolk to catch Cold Cave. There was a long line in the rain to get in, which i waited on for a few minutes until it occurred to me, wait, could i be a Very Important Person?? Turns out yes I was (thanks so much gabe). I have little recollection of what I did after their set, but I know I made three separate trips to Rosarios pizza over the course of the night.

On Saturday I missed most of the Brooklyn Vegan Day Party because I am bad at waking up but I was happy to hear pete & the pirates were doing an impromptu encore....

Then instead of seeing a lot of bands that I really should see, I took the fellas out for sushis at Takahachi....

Midnight sushi party with me, peggy, two petes, two pirates, a girlfriend and a tour manager (it was fun even though it looks like it wasnt cause we were tired and wet)
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