Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pains Unofficial Afterparty!

The Party: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart Unofficial After-Party
Location: Daddy's!
Total Party Count: 16

Last night I made my way to Webster Hall, which I make a habit of avoiding, but when your bff's band is headlining i suppose some flexibility is a virtue. After the show we decided to move the party to Daddy's (aka the scene of the crime).

Its hard to know what Daddys will be like on any given night but it always seems to be that Fridays are dope and Saturdays are wack, but don't ask me what accounts for that discrepancy. Last night after the show (sat night) it was all nice casual hang with the gang, but once they started going home I stuck around for a bit hoping it would stay fun but it really wasn't and eventually i had this moment where I was like 'waaaaaaah!!!! i wanna gome home and never party again!!' I'm worried I'm beginning to become party-brain-fried.

Daddy's, where everyone knows your name (except on saturdays?)
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