Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tokion Magazine Website Party

The Party: Tokion Magazine's Website Launch party
Location: Avenue. No, its called Avenue.
Total Party Count: 28

Ever go to "The Meatpackers District" or a club called "Avenue?" If so, you might be a douche, and now I'm one too! Tokion Magazine hosted a swanky lil party to celebrate their new website, so keren and I headed over there after the deli party.

There was an open bar but it was limited to gin which is probably the grossest kind of alcohol, and to order it you actually had to say "I'll have one 'Friday I'm in Love'." The alternative was paying $15 for a vodka-soda which keren unfortunately had to learn the hard way (plus tip). OMG I mean I love gin! We didn't know very many people there at first but keren was really impressed with my crazy party powers (i guess i am learning a lot of new skillz from this project).

the meatpackers

5 hours ago we didnt know these bros but now we are bros! Sign up for my course at the learning annex and you can meet new people too!

afterwards I went to see washed out play at santa's party place. I'd blog about it but it wasn't technically a party, it was just a cool show. CMJ Week starts now!! EEK.
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