Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brian's Bacaro Birthday Party

The Party: Brian DeRan's Birthday
Location: Bacaro in Chinatown
Total Party Count: 32

It was looking as though i was going to have to attend some kind of hummus cookoff, but my friend Nicole had a more traditional party invitation and offered to make me her date. After a bonding-sesh over a really amazing mountain of couscous at cafe gitane, we made our way to Brian's Birthday Party!

So we get to this fancy underground cave (er, "wine cellar") called Bacaro, except we couldn't actually find the party. were we the first people there? was the party yesterday? did we just commit to drinking bellinis in the wrong bar? while nicole attempted to answer those questions and more with my circa-2006 blackberry facebook app, we overheard some man talking about brian, and soon enough we discovered the party in an alcove in the basement, transitioning from the intimate private dinner to the latter "come by and have some drinks" part.

It was kind of very awkward but I did my best to use my new party skills to pretend like we belonged there, but it still felt like we were crashing even though we totally weren't! I didn't know anyone there at first except the cutest Animal Collector who I'm fairly certain doesn't remember that I interviewed him in a cupcake shop in 2005 for my tv show. I was beginning to get down on all my partying, until, suddenly, things began to come full circle when this guy i was standing next to goes...."Hey....Didnt I meet you at the.... GDGT Party?" AAAAH!!!!!

Look- its me at a party!

Birthday Boy Brian & Nicole. I need a new camera, sorry.
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