Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heeb's (Questionable) 100 Party

The Party: Heeb Magazine's Heeb 100 Photo Show Opening Party
Location: 92Y Tribeca (in Tribeca!)
Money Wasted: $1 coffee (same price for a small or a large- kewl!)
Total Party Count: 14

Every so often, Heeb magazine does a feature called the "Heeb 100" where they write about 100 cool jews for the mag. I am definitely a fan of Heeb, but sometimes I question their choice of 100, mainly because I'm never one of them. totally bogus!!!!!!

Well I was somehow able to get over myself and get to the 92Y Tribeca last night where there was an opening party for photos from the Heeb 100 issue or whatever. I went with my dearest friends Kip & Peggy who just returned from a month long tour! Kip is actually one of the 100 cool jews...... That's a selection I completely approve of (even if he's only 50% Jew!!). I couldn't find 100 cool jews at the party but there were at least 2. Then peggy & i resigned ourselves to the corner to debate what to do with the rest of our night/lives but we couldn't really come up with much. We decided to have a sleepover party at my place -- maybe ill tell you about that later.

the pains of being a cool jew (and asian) <3
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