Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sat. Nite Triple-Header Party

Party #29: Annie Power's Birthday Party
Party #30: Carlen Altman's Big 2-5
Party #31: Mark O'Donnell's Bday / Cathy/Balla/ Zach's Housewarming

I went all out last saturday night (as in a whole week ago-sorry for the delay), hitting not 1 but 3 parties in the FAIL district. In fact, if I write a separate entry for each party, I won't have time tonight to wish I was home!

Well the night started off at the delightful tarp-covered williamsburg backyard of photographer and birthday girl Annie Powers. We enjoyed some jello shots and mulled wine in preparation for a long night of mayhem, as there was a general understanding that the other parties may not be providing such wondrous treats. I was sure to take advantage of the hummus & carrots open bar.

We Luv U Annie! TANX 4 D PAR-T

Being Young, Having Fun

Next stop was the birthday party of the hilarious comedian & friend carlen altman! It was at that place that isn't the venue glasslands, but rather the place next door to it that sometimes confuses you when youre looking for glasslands. I managed to hit my head against the stone wall as i was walking in. awesome. i dont think anyone saw and i forgot about it less than a minute later so NBD.

Then we made our way to the biggest party of the night- a mega-party- The Mark O'Donnell Birthday / Cathy & Chris & Balla's Housewarming Party.

As I increasingly become a party expert, I'm going to share secret tips with you: go for COMBO PARTIES. when you take 2 different parties and smash them together, you have a much higher chance of success. Lets say you are a loser and you have a bunch of loser friends, you can all join forces and equal one cool person!! For example, Mark, Cathy and Balla!!! JUST KIDDING YOU GUYS!!

This party was kind of epic, everyone was there!!! I spent most of it sitting on a couch with a girl from italy who didnt really know english. I left my bag in one of the rooms and had to retrieve it around 4:30am when there were two people in bed and i was all "so sorry, just need to get my bag, thanks, sorry, sorry bout that, bye."

this is my life

this girls got the right idea.
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  1. the sweatpants i was wearing that night were never seen again. TOO MUCH PARTY!