Thursday, October 15, 2009

"New York I Love You" Premiere Party

The Party: "New York I Love You" Premiere Afterparty
Location: M2 Ultra Lounge on 10th &28th
Total Party Count: 25

New York I Love You, but this movie really sucked and so did your afterparty. After waiting over an hour for the premiere screening of "New York I Love You" at the Ziegfeld to start (i had free tickets, tevs), and then suffering much worse once it actually began playing, I had had enough fun by the time the last crappy sappy scene rolled. Unfortunately no part of that evening qualified as a party, so I finagled my way into the afterparty at a space called, ahem, M2 Ultra Lounge. This event was just slightly more memorable than sitting alone at home all night, but also more likely to give you an STD by osmosis.

Yeah New York!

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