Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rogan's Shopping Party

The Party: Rogan's Ladies' Night Shopping Event
Location: Rogan Store (Bowery Location)
Total Party Count: 79

Fashion parties are probably my least favorite kind of parties. I would prefer baby showers and retirement parties, but somehow I ended up with more friends who work in fashion than those who are buying strollers or receiving pension payments-- POOR ME! Luckily I didn't want to slit my wrists at the Rogan Store "Ladies Night" Shopping Party. I love Ladies Night cuz its a little more OK to look gross (AKA Smith College Syndrome), plus I got to hang with my ladies and I got a makeover and I even bought a skirt! YAY FUN PRETTY FASHION MAKEUP GIRL POWER!

oh yeah, Elizabeth Spiridakis DJed

My friend Berrin Noorata works here. She's so nice. I don't really know this guy but he seemed nice too.

Whats this??? NO STR8 BOYS ALLOWED!!!!!!
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