Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dunkin Donuts Dance Party

The Party: Dunkin Donuts Dance Party
Location: Dunkin Donuts (on 14th & A)
Total Party Count: 84

When Dunkin Donuts tells you its time to make the donuts, what they actually mean is its time to load them onto a truck and export them to the various locations in Manhattan. But there is one exception- the Dunkins on 14th st bet. A & B not only makes their own donuts, but also supplies the rest of the City (or at least that's what the cashier told me)! I happened upon this special hub of donuts last night to use their facilities and I purchased a small coffee for the sake of proper dunkin bathroom etiquette, but I was subsequently informed that the bathroom was under renovation! I couldn't return my coffee or even get munchkin credit, but the endeavor wasn't a complete failure because there were some wasted people who decided we should all have a dance party. 

After ordering a donut, a cream cheese bagel, and some hash brown things, this girl told me I was cool and started busting some moves to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love"

These other donut lovers joined in

Did you think I wasn't going to dance at dunkin donuts?

She was with this dude and then hit him with a shoe and then with her donut and then he wiped cream cheese on me. They wanted to move the party somewhere else but i was just there to use the bathroom.
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